We developp high quality products. To allow your product to last, they will require attention and care. You will find basic instructions on how to take care of your products.

Silver is a white precious metal that turns black with the contact of Oxygen (O) and Sulphur (S). All of our products are made of sterling silver (92.5 % of silver (Ag) and 7.5 % of other metal, usually copper (Cu).
That is why, unless stated otherwhise, all our lines are treated with Rhodium, an expensive and transparent metal that covers your product, thus delay the contact with air. However, this plating will be removed with time and can be removed quite rapidly if the product is bathed, covered with perfume or with any other alcool-based or corrosive substance.
Silver products are not to be put in contact with water, shampoos, toothpaste etc.
With time, the better remedy to unavoidable oxydation is just to wear your jewellery.


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